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The Coin Vault PH Community: A Place to Connect, Learn and Grow

Coin Vault PH is more than just a place to buy security wallet devices. It's also a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts and investors who come together to share their knowledge and experiences. The Coin Vault PH Community is the heart of the platform, where users can connect, learn, and grow.

Why Join the Community?

  1. Connect with like-minded individuals: Whether you're just starting out with cryptocurrencies or are a seasoned investor, the community is a great place to connect with others who share your interests. You can ask questions, share your thoughts and insights, and engage in meaningful conversations.

  2. Stay up-to-date on the latest crypto trends: The crypto world is constantly evolving, and it can be hard to keep up. But with the Coin Vault Community, you'll always be in the loop. You'll find the latest news, analysis, and opinions on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, as well as in-depth discussions on the most important topics.

  3. Grow your network: The Coin Vault PH Community is a great place to expand your network of contacts in the crypto world. Whether you're looking to form new business partnerships or just want to connect with like-minded individuals, you'll find a supportive and welcoming community here.

How to Get Involved : Join Our Community here!

Getting involved in the Coin Vault PH Community is easy. All you need to do is create an account on the platform and start engaging with others. You can participate in discussions, start your own conversations, and join groups focused on specific topics. Whether you're looking to connect with others, learn from experts, or stay up-to-date on the latest crypto trends, the Coin Vault PH Community has something for everyone.

How hardware wallet works and the importance of having one : 

CEO of COINVAULTPH, Michael Biag with Mr. Martinez and Jed talks about how hardware wallet works and explains the importance of having one. 

"Hardware wallet is the most safest form of security" Find out why! 

Bringing the future of finance closer to every Filipino. 

PDAX wants every Filipino to have a fair shot at achieving their dreams—no matter where they are in the world and regardless of their social status or financial background.

Having seen the massive digital transformation taking place in the finance industry across the globe, we aspired to bring this revolution to the Philippine market.

Our goal was to make sure every Filipino has the opportunity to invest and participate in the world's future.

Hence, since its founding in 2018, PDAX has led the way in breaking down entry barriers into the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We've developed an exchange and launched a mobile app in less than three years to provide Filipinos an edge as they try to build wealth in a highly competitive market.

And we're not stopping there.

Every day, PDAX strives to bring more value to the Filipino crypto community, whether through educating the public or providing our users with unmatched services.


    May 30,202

    Ang segment na ito ay naghahangad na ipaliwanag sa mga nakikinig o nanonood ano ang hardware wallet, makakasama natin si Michael Angelo Biag, CEO ng Coin Vault PH.


    August 2, 2022, 7:00 PM

    Ang segment na ito ay naghahangad na ipaliwanag sa mga nakikinig o nanonood paano ka magiging secure sa Web 3.0, makakasama natin si Michael Angelo Biag, President & Co-Founder of Coinvault.ph

  • Cryptagalog Soundbytes: #Unboxing: Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S PLus

    August 8,2022,

    Hey guys,  Mabuhay! Ito unboxing & first look video of a brand new Ledger Nano S Plus, probably isa sa best budget crypto hardware wallets on the market ngayon.  Abangan niyo soon, sa aming mga pages and channel magiging available na ang mga Hardware Wallet (legit seller mga mamser).  


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