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Ledger X Coin vault PH


Ledger nano X
(3) Recovery card
(1) Micro USB C to USB-A cable
(1) strap

  • Certified security

  • Integrated exchanges

  • PIN code protection 

  • Password encryption

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Tech specifications

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A hardware wallet is a self custodial cryptocurrency wallet that is disconnected from the internet or "air gapped". A hardware wallet is a physical device used to store your private keys, and manually approve blockchain transactions.

When you use a hardware wallet, you can rest assured that no one can take control of your private key unless they have access to your physical device. Examples of hardware wallets available in the Philippines are: Ledger, Trezor, and Safepal.

What's the perfect wallet for you?

Each and every web 3 investor has his or her own set of requirements when it comes to cryptocurrency security. Luckily, the top 2 hardware wallet manufacturers have offers that can perfectly tackle our every need! Join us in finding the answer to - What is the perfect hardware wallet for you? SEE MORE...


Secure your Recovery Seed the right way! 


Your unique 12 or 24 word 'Recovery Seed Phrase’ is the only way to recover your digital assets should your device be lost, stolen, fail or be destroyed. Remember, loose your hardware wallet, loose your recover seed, loose your Crypto. HOW TO START?

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